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                Home > VEHICLE CHARGING

                V2G Split-type Two-way Charging Equipment

                According to energy storage power station, interactive smart grid and optimized using of energy resources, EAST developed the new generation of power products, being as two way converter of AC DC, DC AC linked to public power grid in energy storage, photovoltaic, micro network system. Split-type charger consists of two-way rectifier cabinet and outdoor charging sets, using modular design, single rectifier module and inverter module is 50kw. It is applied to be fit for charging station and the operation of enterprises’ parking lot.

                Split-type public charger I series: Output voltage range DC250V ~ 750V settable, the maximum output power of single unit is 50KW.

                Split-type public charger II series: Output voltage range DC250V ~ 750V settable, the maximum output power of single unit is 150KW.

                ●It consists of IGBT converter devices, AC/DC filter devices, soft starter, monitor, isolation transformers and protection devices etc
                ●It is featured with power grid peak regulations, improving power grid quality, new energy access and other functions