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                Split-type DC Charging Equipment

                Split-type DC charging equipment is used for electric vehicle charge power supply of centralized charging network. It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively, providing high-power charging service for electric vehicles. It consists of rectifier cabinet and outdoor charging terminals. Each rectifier cabinet can be installed maximum 25pcs rectifier modules. It is applied to be fit for charging station and the operation of enterprises’ parking lot.

                Split-type DC charger I series: Output voltage range DC200V ~ 400V settable, the maximum output power of single unit is 150KW.

                Split-type DC charger II series: Output voltage range DC400V ~ 700V settable, the maximum output power of single unit is 150KW.


                Modular design, full protection:AC input over-voltage, under-voltage protection

                ●Output over-voltage, output short-circuit protection
                Over-current protection
                Over-temperature protection
                Overload protection
                Reverse-battery protection,impulse current surge protection etc