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                Home > Central Inverter

                EA500KTS/M / EA630KTM/X

                The central inverter with external transformer adopts high power density design to be smaller size and optical fiber isolation technology to have strong anti-jamming capability, and also integrates DC distribution cabinet function to be more suitable for big power plant; and. It offers different output voltage options

                ● Low-voltage and zero-voltage ride through to cope with various grid conditions
                ● Nighttime SVG function, ready for power compensation full time
                ● Adjustable active power, power factor adjustment from 0.9 overexcited to 0.9 underexcited 
                ● Max. Efficiency at 98.7% (without transformer)
                ● Advanced MPPT algorithm
                ● Anti-islanding
                ● Wide DC input voltage, easy to make the combination of PV array
                ● CQC certificates (pass CQC33-461239-2013ma test), TÜV certificates, CE certificates