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                At “2015 11th UPS Power System And Infrastructure Technology Meeting” held recently, GUANGDONG EAST POWER CO.,LTD won the Green Award and Top 10 Enterprise Brand Award.


                “2015 11th UPS Power System And Infrastructure Technology Meeting” was instructed by Computer Users Association, Beijing Electronic Society and China Green Data Center Advancing Federation, and supported by Professional Committee of China Power Supply Society, International Battery Commerce Chamber and Asia Battery Association, and jointly hosted by “UPS Application” magazine and JIFANG360.com. This meeting was aimed at through profound interpretation and comprehensive analysis of authoritative scholars and industry experts, getting people to know and adapt to the new normal, widening views, seizing the new opportunity of industry development and selecting the 2014 most reliable UPS brand, leading UPS manufacturer to improve UPS brand value.



                By right of excellent enterprise management, production operation, marketing development, quality control, and service standard etc, EAST gained the Green Award and Top 10 Enterprise Brand Award. EAST being as a global power supply solution supplier and green energy manufacturer has been working hard in UPS fields more than 20 years, has built 6 high-end research platforms of Post-Doctoral research center and academician workstation etc. Following “Customer First” concept, EAST continuously improves sale service system, has built 7 regional service centers, 206 customers centers in domestic market and 5 marketing centers overseas, export high-quality power supply products to more than 100 countries worldwide.