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                Stick to service concept of “7x24 hours, Uninterrupted service”, EAST built a unique huge market network and continuous improved service system, including seven regional service centres, 206 customer centres to ensure quick response to customer within 2hrs.

                Adheres to customers-centered and service foremost, no matter how terrible environment is, Gobi, desert under burning sun, tall hillock of freezing day, dry and anoxic altiplano, EAST service team make an arduous journey, go through the rigors of living in the wilderness without any complaint to offer technical service on user-site. They work hard to make sure every unit in their hands is highest quality and operate well, they offer online monitoring, hardware and software updates, visit and check for these equipment at irregular intervals in order to ensure the lasting and stableoperation of each unit.


                The sales engineer Roben Chen was testing Outdoor UPS in Russian
                The after-sale service engineer Zhao Yueming was testing the 50MW PV device
                The after-sale service engineer Li Qingtong was inspecting the 100MW PV project in Ningxia
                The after-sale service engineer Huang Zhiwei and Wang Longlong were in the installation site of Hanky Wiye
                The sales engineer Charli Chen was in India Island project
                The engineer Huanghui was testing the 200MW PV project in Golmud
                EAST engineer was working on the installation site of power generation equipment in chenzhou Hunan
                The after-sale service engineer Li Qingtong was inspecting the 200MW PV project in Golmud
                EAST engineers was inspecting 100MW PV project in Ningxia