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                “2015 Georgia Culture Exchange Seminar” of 20 people visited EASTPOER accompanying with the vice president Yangwei of BICC on May 7th.

                “2015 Georgia Culture Exchange Seminar”was hosted by The Ministry Of Commerce, organized by BICC (Beijing international Chinese college). The seminar invited 20 officers from Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Chamber of Commerce and other more government departments.

                EAST as the only enterprise visited by the seminar in the area of South China, showed the rapid development of South special economic zone, and reported details of EAST development and R&D achievements these years, especially efforts taken on “Independent research, Independent technology and independent brand” . EAST was given high praise from these officers after their inspecting whole factory, they said they were impressed well and recognized that EAST was an excellent enterprise with high-end technology, advanced development idea, strong R&D team and production capability.

                EAST not only develops the home market, but also boosts up the process of internationalization in recent years, speeding up international step by participating in international exhibitions and foreign trade cooperations. The visiting of Georgia Culture Exchange Seminar” showed that EAST products and brand has received attention and recognition from foreign customers and friends, it provided good opportunity to further expand the abroad market.