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                117th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou from April 15th to 19th. EASTPOWER presented latest power supply products and new energy system solutions in the exhibition, attracting many customers visit.


                Canton Fair jointly held by Ministry of Commerce and the government of Guangdong province. It is well known that this fair is a comprehensive international trade fair with the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete products items, the most buyers from broadest areas, the greatest deal closed and the best reputation in China. It covered 1.18milion square meters, included 60228 stands and had 24713 exhibitors. However, compared with 115th Canton Fair, buyer’s number inclined 8.38%, Europe, America, Japan and Australia declined most.

                GUANGDONG EAST POWER CO., LTD being as a global power supply quality solution supplier and green energy manufacturer, always actively participated in Canton Fair over the years. Besides common popular UPS, EAST showed latest new energy products such as modular high power UPS, Intergreated hybird On/Off-grid solar inverter, multi-string on-grid solar inverter and electrical vehicle charger etc. During the fair period, EAST attracted about 1500 buyers at the booth and received 30 visitors from exhibition to EAST factory. Most customers are from Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. They inspected, seeing with their own eyes that EAST having large scale modern workshop to produce UPS/PV products, advancedtesting devices, 500KW factory roof PV power station and professional technical team, then closed deal on the spot with hope to establish long and steady cooperative relations with EAST in coming days.