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                "2014 China PV Inverter Brand Ranking List” has been released on April 20th. GUANGDONG EAST POWER ranked the top four in the list with outstanding advantages of technology, brand and service.

                “2014 China PV Inverter Brand Ranking List” was jointly launched by Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL) and Century Energy Web (www.ne21.com).The ranking list is the only one in accordance with national standard GB/T 31041-2014 Brand Value And Quality Evaluation Requirement, GB/T 31042-2014 Brand Value And Service Evaluation Requirement, GB/T 31043-2014 Brand Value And Evaluation Requirement of technology innovation, and combines with PV industry features, thus forming the five category list: power plant investment, inverter, components, EPC and service. The main evaluating index of PV inverter band is shipment volume and brand awareness of the first-line China manufacturers. EASTPOWER showed its strong strength and potentiality in many aspects of R&D, production, sales and service etc, and ranked the forth in the evaluation.

                In recent years, EAST POWER seizes the development opportunity of PV industry, adhering to the development idea of technological innovation and self-branding, promotes the industrial construction of PV systems engineering research center and keeps expanding their technical team leaded by Liuchen Zhang who is famous new energy experts and academician, Gradually builds up a strong technological advantages, talent advantage and brand advantage.

                The 270V, 315V full seris of PV on-grid inverter R&D by EASTPOWER was passed the strictest zero voltage crossing detection by State Grid Experiment and Verification Center. EAST has been honored with “China Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project”, “Guangdong Focused High-tech Product” etc, and has been building many large PV power stations in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Shanxi, Xinjiang, India and Germany etc, generating good economic and society benefits.

                Honors and achievement are kind of recognition and encouragement, EAST POWER won’t stop its tireless efforts. There will be more vigorous competition in China PV inverter market in 2015, however, EAST POWER will keep focusing on research and innovation and develop perfect service and solution for customers, taking every efforts to build up “Hundred years Branding” in the PV market.