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                EAST CUP ICT INDUSTRY POWER AND PSMS ENGINEERS MEETING was held successfully in the MEGMEET Electric Co., Ltd on April 10th.There were totally about 40 people, including the big 5 ICT customers from CMCC, CMDA, Tencent ,Ali and Baidu and other well-known experts in the industry attended the meeting.

                The meeting was hosted by China Power Alliance, organized by MEGMEET Electric Co., Ltd, solely sponsored and named by EASTPOWER, aimed to strengthen the interaction and communication between ICT Power and PSMS (Power& Environment Supervision System) industry. EASTPOWER CEO Simo He expressed appreciation for all experts concerned about power industry and EAST development, and introduced EAST R&D and production development and achievements in power supply and new energy field recent years. Simo He said that EASTPOWER paid much attention to cooperate with China Power Alliance, EAST would support Future Power Elite Plan organized by China Power Alliance, planning to donate 600 students majored in electrical engineering and other related major.

                Experts gathered making academic communication for information and communication network power supply security technology, lithium battery life expectancy and evaluation, China mobile optimization research, modular data centre granularity, difference between cloud data center and regular data center, Baidu’s new technology application, energy router and software definition energy system and communication power supply new technology research etc.